Balinese Purification in Tirta Sudamala

Center of Bali: Learn How to Make Offerings - Get to Know How a Balinese House Works - Pray Together With a Hindu Priest - Live the Balinese Purification Ritual.
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  • Experience an authentic and intense spiritual moment.
  • Learn how to make offerings in a traditional Balinese house.
  • Discover Tirta Sudamala, a magical place mostly unknown to travellers.
  • Get blessed by a brahmin after praying with him.
  • Initiation to purification according to the Balinese customs.
  • English-speaking or French-speaking Balinese guide, depending on chosen option.
  • Tasting of tropical fruits, Balinese cakes and local snacks.
Discovering the local way of life

Experience intense feelings by following your Balinese guide to Tirta Sudamala, a magical spot which remains unknown to travellers. Under the careful eye of the locals, you will experience the traditional ritual of purification in sacred sources.

Your local guide will pick you up with his comfortable air-conditioned car at your accommodation at 9:00.

Before going into the temple, you will visit an authentic traditional home where the family will teach you how to make the necessary offerings.

You will then experience a unique moment praying with a Hindu priest, followed by purification in the sacred sources of Tirta Sudamala while respecting the Balinese customs thanks to the guidance of your local guide, who will be there to help every step of the way. A moving and extraordinarily spiritual moment, that will remain with you for years to come.

To finish off the day, you will spend a relaxing time tasting a selection of local products (Balinese cakes, tropical fruits…) with your guide. This is also a great opportunity to ask your guide any questions you might have about the Balinese culture!

You will be back at your accommodation in the middle or end of the afternoon depending on its location.

About Tirta Sudamala

Tirta Sudamala, which means ”purifying water” in Sanskrit, is located at the back of a valley lined with trees and jungle, and where a river flows. Its sources are known for healing the spirit in times of difficulty and leading to a spiritual awakening. It is also said that they have the power to repel bad thoughts, cleanse the aura and heal body aches.

Still little known amongst travellers, this temple offers a much more calm and enchanting environment than Tirta Empul to authentically discover the Balinese purification ritual.

Learn How to Make Offerings

Uncover the secrets of Bali’s symbolic art!

Whether they serve to thank the gods or calm the demons, offerings are omnipresent on the island and are an integral part of the inhabitants’ daily lives.

With the help of your guide and a Balinese family, you will learn how to make the offerings by yourselves before presenting them on arrival at the sacred sources as is customary. A unique experience that enables a deeper immersion into the local culture by putting your concentration and creativity to the test!

Get to Know How a Balinese House Works

Nothing is left to chance!

You’re going to get the opportunity to discover a traditional Balinese house and learn about the numerous ancestral rules that must be followed during the construction of the house: walls made with protective barriers to deter the bad spirits, the function and layout of the rooms used to cook, to store the rice, to celebrate ceremonies, etc.

A simple but fascinating visit enabling a total immersion into Balinese daily life and customs.

Pray Together With a Hindu Priest

In a truly mesmerizing place.

After laying down your offerings, and before heading to the sacred sources, you will spend some time reflecting with your guide and the temple’s hindu priest (brahmin).

You will simply need to follow their instructions and guidance during the time of reflection in order to respect Balinese customs. You will most likely be swept away throughout this beautiful moment by the smells of the incense, the peaceful sound of the bell, the brahmin’s singing and by the tranquility of this enchanting temple.

Live the Balinese Purification Ritual

An extraordinary spiritual experience!

With the help of your attentive guide, you will go from fountain to fountain to run your head under the water and in doing so expel the bad thoughts, free yourself from negative energy and make the most of the benefits of this clear and refreshing water springing from these sacred sources. At the end of the purification ritual (“Melukat” in Balinese), you will receive the brahmin’s blessing.

You will experience an extraordinary spiritual moment and will be witness to an ancestral tradition that the Balinese continue to pass on with enthusiasm from generation to generation.