Food Tour in an Authentic Night Market

Centre of Bali: Pick out famous mouth-watering local dishes - Share a traditional Balinese dinner.
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  • 100% authentic Balinese night market.
  • Discover Balinese and Indonesian specialities.
  • Follow your guide’s advice to choose the dishes!
  • Enjoy a convivial evening with the local people.
  • French-speaking or English-speaking guide, depending on the chosen option.
  • Private car with an experienced and very caring driver.
  • Vegan or Vegetarian? There’s plenty of food for everybody!
Discovering the local way of life

Explore an authentic night market and discover the numerous Balinese dishes with a local guide who is passionate about both his island and his culture.

Your Balinese guide will pick you up at your accommodation at 18:30 with his comfortable air-conditioned car to drive you to Denpasar night market (or Gianyar if you are staying in Ubud).

To begin, you will wander around the night market to learn more about Bali’s culinary specialities - and more broadly Indonesian specialities - before choosing, with the help and advice of your local guide, the dishes that you will then share together in a convivial atmosphere.

The locals, who are not used to having travellers here, will be delighted by your open-mindedness and will happily chat with you if you wish.

You will be back at your accommodation in the middle or end of the evening depending on its location, the traffic conditions and the time spent at the night market.

Pick out famous mouth-watering local dishes

In the authentic atmosphere of the night market.

Explore a particularly authentic night market - where the locals meet to have dinner as a family or with friends - and taste the culinary specialities of Bali, and more broadly those of Indonesia.

You will learn about the well-known “Bebek Betutu” and “Babi Guling”, popular with the Balinese, as well as the remarkable traditional pastries and fruit of the area. What will you choose: the famous “durian” with its unusual smell, the delicate “mangoustan” or the flavourful “jackfruit”?

Your local guide will be pleased to tell you more about the origins and ingredients of the numerous unusual dishes being part of the local cuisine.

Share a traditional Balinese dinner

Enjoy a delicious meal in good company!

Throughout your exploration of the night market, your Balinese guide will help you to choose and buy the dishes that you will then be able to taste next to the market. It is a great opportunity to share a simple meal in a friendly and authentic atmosphere.

The market is seldom frequented by travellers, so the locals will be very happy to chat with you if you wish. Your local guide will be able to translate what is being said for you!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about Balinese daily life and culture by chatting with your local guide and asking him the questions you may have.