Snorkeling, Fishing and Virgin Beach

East of Bali: Sail on board a Jukung - Fish at sea with Balinese locals - Snorkel (flippers, mask and snorkel) - Discover the irresistible Virgin Beach.
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  • Discover the island from the sea on board a traditional Balinese boat.
  • Admire the multi-coloured fish and the coral reefs at Blue Lagoon.
  • Relax and sunbathe on the stunning Virgin Beach.
  • Attempt to fish some mackerel and/or some mahi-mahi.
  • Experienced and attentive guide and skipper.
  • Possibility to taste the catch of the day in a barbecue (extra cost).
Discovering the local way of life

Head out to sea with Nyoman, your private local guide, on board his superb Jukung (traditional Balinese fishing boat) for an action-packed day: snorkelling (underwater exploration with flippers, mask, and snorkel) at Blue Lagoon, relaxing time at Virgin beach and fishing in multiple spots.

Nyoman will pick you up at your accommodation at 7 a.m., 8 a.m. or 8.30 a.m., depending on its location, to drive you to the jetty. After trying on the snorkelling equipment, you will take to the sea accompanied by his skipper.

Aboard the Jukung, you will head straight for the Blue Lagoon bay (one of Bali’s most famous snorkelling spots) where you can gaze at beautiful multi-coloured fish and coral reefs in crystal clear and fairly shallow water. Then you will steer towards Small Island to practise your bottom fishing skills with the equipment supplied to you by your guide. Between these steps, you can also try troll fishing.

You will land softly on the sand of one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches: Virgin Beach. You can taste some delicious dishes whilst looking out over the sea, relax on the beach or make the most of the seabed until mid-afternoon.

You can trust in Nyoman’s experience and good humour to make this a very memorable day.

If you are interested, and if the catch was good, it is possible to extend the day out and taste the fish at a barbecue at an extra cost. Otherwise, your guide will drop you back off at your accommodation.

Selamat Pagi!
(Indonesian way to say Hello)
My name is Nyoman and I'll be
your local guide for this activity.”

Nyoman lives in a little village near Candidasa, in the East of Bali, with his wife and their three children.

After spending several years doing guided tours for the guests of big hotels, he decided to become independent in order to offer activities and experiences relating to Balinese everyday life. This enables him to spread his passion for the sea, fishing, nature and his region.

Attentive, thorough and full of the joys of life, Nyoman will make your day of discovery an unforgettable one.

Foreign languages: English (fluent).

Sail on board a Jukung

The superb traditional Balinese boat

Enjoy a unique experience sailing around Bali on board a Jukung, a traditional Indonesian boat that is particularly found on the Balinese coast. This wooden outrigger canoe, with 70 cm wide and 6 m long outriggers, is still very much in use today in Bali to get around as well as to fish.

If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some dolphins or turtles! It is not uncommon to cross paths with them in these parts…

Throughout your sea excursion, you can count on Nyoman and his skipper’s experience and exceptional knowledge of the local area to make this adventure unforgettable.

Fish at sea with Balinese locals

Whether you get lucky or not, it’ll be an unforgettable day!

Try your luck in the fish-filled waters of the Candidasa region where you will sail from spot to spot with Nyoman and his skipper.

Depending on the time of year, you can get really lucky and catch some really tasty fish like mackerel or mahi-mahi for instance. Mackerel live in Balinese waters all year round, while mahi-mahi are only present in these waters from the months of April to July.

You will learn various techniques such as troll and bottom fishing and the necessary equipment will be provided. As the Jukung is especially crafted for this type of activity, luck is on your side for the fishing to be a success.

Snorkel (flippers, mask and snorkel)

Multi-coloured fish and coral reefs at Blue Lagoon

Come and swim with sublime species of fish and admire the magnificent coral reefs whilst basking in Blue Lagoon’s turquoise water with flippers, mask and snorkel provided!

After adjusting your equipment and getting into the water using the ladder, it won’t be long until you are surrounded by dozens of beautiful fish in calm and fairly shallow water (between 1 and 2 metres deep on average) making it an easy activity even for beginners.

Nyoman, your experienced guide, will join you in the water and will help you find the most beautiful coral reefs and the most unusual species.

Discover the irresistible Virgin Beach

Turquoise water, white sandy beach…welcome to paradise!

Virgin Beach is one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches.

It is now possible to access the beach by car via a risky track followed by a walk down a slippery path. But it is by boat that you will glide softly onto the sand feeling like you are landing in paradise…

The location is not totally untouched as a few beach huts have been set up. You can enjoy delicious fish, seafood and refreshing juices. Will you choose to hire a sun lounger and/or to have a massage facing the crystal clear waters, or to wander around the wilder parts to admire the fishing boats? Any underwater exploration fanatics can do more snorkelling!