Walk and Make Organic Beauty Products

Center of Bali: Admire the plantations around Ubud - Make natural beauty products.
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  • Admire Balinese flora (trees, flowers, paddy fields…) around Ubud.
  • Learn how to transform the plants (cosmetics, food…) as the Balinese do.
  • Make your own 100% organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics.
Discovering the local way of life

Discover Balinese nature and agriculture then make your own cosmetics in Ubud with Dewi, your English-speaking local guide who is passionate about botany. You will meet her in her shop at 9am or 2pm depending on the chosen time.

You will begin your experience with a walk of approximately an hour and a half in the plantations around Ubud enabling you to learn about Balinese agriculture. Dewi will pass on her knowledge about the workings of the paddy fields and the use of flowers, leaves and plants in local tradition. You will be blown away by the richness of this lush natural environment.

You will then return to the shop to create your own hand made organic cosmetics in a fun 90-minute workshop. It is a veritable festival of exotic smells that you won’t forget in a hurry!

You will have the pleasure to take your own cosmetics home at the end of the workshop (at around 12.30pm for the morning session, 5.30pm for the afternoon one).

Selamat Pagi!
(Indonesian way to say Hello)
My name is Dewi and I'll be
your local guide for this activity.”

A rice farmer’s daughter, Dewi is originally from a little village near Ubud. Fascinated by nature and its benefits, she spent many years working as an assistant to fund her studies.

Now, with a degree in Botany and Sciences with a focus on plant biodiversity under her belt, she has decided to share her knowledge, by helping others to discover Balinese culture and the agriculture of the region, whilst improving the daily lives of the farmers in the area. She organises workshops on the production of natural cosmetics or trips to the sacred springs of Tirta Empul to be purified.

Smiley, attentive and conscientious, Dewi will make your day interesting and unique.

Foreign languages: English (fluent).

Admire the plantations around Ubud

To discover the richness of Bali’s natural world.

During this walk, Dewi will provide you with a wealth of information about Balinese culture through the various benefits of the plants and trees growing on the island and the agriculture. She will tell you everything you need to know about the rice growing process and the ingenuity of the irrigation system.

You will also learn about the strong tie the inhabitants have with nature, which enables them to meet many of their needs. You will learn to recognise many Balinese leaves, flowers, herbs and fruits that are still used to this day in the production of food and in traditional medicines or beauty products.

Make natural beauty products

100% Balinese, organic and environmentally friendly!

During this workshop, you will make four natural beauty products using the island’s organic ingredients (flowers, leaves, aloe vera, ginger, cacao… and even rice!) and the equipment provided! A return to nature away from the hazardous chemicals added in the traditional industries!

On the agenda: Shampoo/conditioner (2 in 1), sun cream, face mask (or body scrub) and the traditional “boreh”.

To respect nature, when you leave, your cosmetics will be wrapped in little banana leaf containers. A beautiful natural souvenir to be used promptly!