From Barong Dance to the Monkey Forest

Center of Bali: Tegenungan Waterfall - Puseh Batuan - Ubud Monkey Forest - Barong Dance.
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  • All in one day: dance, temple, waterfall, nature and monkeys!
  • Barong Dance show: iconic and exotic!
  • Refresh at the foot of Tegenungan waterfall.
  • Discover the mythical Monkey Forest in Ubud.
  • Set your own pace and freely manage your time.
  • Private car with an experienced and very caring driver.
  • Lunch non-included: eat whatever you desire!
Full day trip by car with private driver

Get ready for a particularly varied day with Made, your private driver, discovering the Balinese culture in the centre of the island: dance show, temple, waterfall and the famous Monkey Forest in Ubud!

Your driver will pick you up at your accommodation at 8:30 a.m or 8:45 a.m., depending on its location, with his comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle to drive you along the different steps of your day trip (each are distant from each other by a 5 to 20 minutes drive).

Firstly, you will witness the famous and exotic Barong dance in the village of Batubulan. This is a real ode to Hindu mythology, so important to the Balinese. Then, you will head to the temple in Batuan village, one of the oldest temples on the island, followed by a refreshing trip to the Tegenungan waterfall. Finally, you will end the day at the famous and sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud.

You can count on his soft driving and his expertise to choose beautiful roads bordered with gorgeous landscape and villages where you can contemplate the local life and its tremendous show.

You will be back at your accommodation late in the afternoon or early in the evening depending on its location, the traffic conditions and the time spent on each place of interest.

Selamat Pagi!
(Indonesian way to say Hello)
My name is Made and I'll be
your driver on this tour.”

Native from Bali, Made lives with his wife and his two kids in Denpasar. He offers high quality services based on the respect and the thoughtful attention he pays to his clients. His obsession: to hand you down his knowledge on Bali and facilitate your travels making them more pleasant each time thanks to his soft driving and the many services he offers on board.

Foreign languages: English (fluent), French (elementary).

Vehicle and on-board services: Toyota Avanza with air conditioning, mobile phone charger, fresh water bottles, fresh towels, sarongs for the visits and tissues.

Tegenungan Waterfall

A green haven, ideal for swimming.

This beautiful and impressive waterfall of about 20 metres high is one of the most popular waterfalls on the island, both for locals and travellers, as it is easily accessible by using the steps. A refreshing swim is also possible!

It can be accessed by walking down the 170 steps (that you will then have to climb back up, but you will have plenty of time). Around mid-way down, some warungs and an observation platform overlook the waterfall: perfect for a break or stop-off point if you get tired.

Recommended visit duration: 60 to 120 minutes.

Puseh Batuan

Remarkable and easy to access.

With more than 1000 years of history under its belt, the “temple of origins” (Pura Puseh Batuan) is one of the oldest temples in Bali and is perfectly preserved. Very easy to access (as it is situated close to the road), it is frequented by both the Balinese as well as travellers.

Peaceful and photogenic, it unites the traditional elements of Balinese architecture (the famous meru towers, some superb sculptures…). Don’t hesitate to wander around this beautiful temple, where the moss has slowly taken over the stone in parts, and don’t forget to say hello to the turtles who live in the ponds!

Recommended visit duration: 45 minutes.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Simply mythical.

This forest is particularly important to the Balinese as it represents the three ways in which one can reach physical and spiritual well-being in Hinduism: harmonious relationships between mankind, between man and his environment and between man and the supreme God. Each of these elements is sacred.

Beyond the three temples, dating back to the the mid 14th century, and the trees (over 100 different species!), one can find the 600 macaques who give to this place a unique and bustling atmosphere.
Babies, young or adults, calm or playful, they are always on the lookout for any sign of food!

Recommended visit duration: 60 to 90 minutes.

Barong Dance

The quintessence of Balinese folklore.

The Barong Dance (also called "Kris Dance") is one of the most traditional and well-known Balinese dances. It recounts the eternal mythological battle between the Barong resembling a lion and representing good and the Rangda, queen of the witches, controlling the bad spirits and representing evil.

You will be amazed by the costumes, and particularly by the Barong who needs two people to help him move (one at the front, and one at the back) and whose sacred mask requires many hours of meticulous work to create.

Duration: 60 minutes.