Best Beaches of the Bukit Peninsula

South of Bali: Balangan Beach - Padang-Padang Beach - Suluban Beach - Uluwatu - Jimbaran Fish Market.
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  • Barracudas and mahi-mahi fishes, Jimbaran market will transport you to a whole new scenery!
  • Explore the most emblematic beaches of the Bukit peninsula.
  • Contemplate the sun setting over the ocean at Uluwatu temple.
  • Set your own pace and freely manage your time.
  • Private car with an experienced and very caring driver.
  • Lunch is not included: eat what you desire!
Full day trip by car with private driver

Comfortably seated inside the air-conditioned car of Made, your private driver, you will discover splendid beaches at the southern part of Bali on the Bukit peninsula while exploring the Balinese culture.

He will pick you up at your accommodation at 9 a.m. to drive you along the different steps of your day trip (each are distant from each other by a 30 minutes drive). You can count on his indulgent driving and his perfect knowledge of the island to drive you along roads passing by authentic and beautiful landscapes.

You will start your day trip by the visit of the remarkably typical fish market of Jimbaran, before continuing with several stopovers at the most gorgeous beaches of the peninsula. You will discover the stunning Balangan beach as well as Padang-Padang beach (Julia Roberts knows it rather well!) with the rocks protruding above the water surface. While the sun starts to go down, you will reach the lovely beach of Suluban before to finally enjoy the sunset over Uluwatu temple overlooking the Indian Ocean by over 70 metres.

You will be back at your accommodation early in the evening depending on its location, the traffic conditions and the time spent on each step of the tour.

Selamat Pagi!
(Indonesian way to say Hello)
My name is Made and I'll be
your driver on this tour.”

Native from Bali, Made lives with his wife and his two kids in Denpasar. He offers high quality services based on the respect and the thoughtful attention he pays to his clients. His obsession: to hand you down his knowledge on Bali and facilitate your travels making them more pleasant each time thanks to his soft driving and the many services he offers on board.

Foreign languages: English (fluent), French (elementary).

Vehicle and on-board services: Toyota Avanza with air conditioning, mobile phone charger, fresh water bottles, fresh towels, sarongs for the visits and tissues.

Balangan Beach

A magnificent and preserved bay

The long white sandy beach of Balangan is among the most beautiful in the island and deserves as such to make a stop there, whether it is to have a drink or to eat facing the sea, or even to bath and sunbath in the morning. In the afternoon, surfers take possession of the premises, as the waves become bigger, making bathing fairly difficult.

From the car park, you will access the beach via stairs that will lead you to its extremity consisting of rocks carved by water, in which splashing around is rather pleasant. You will also have the chance to hike up to get a bird’s eye view over the whole beach.

Recommended visit duration: 60 minutes.

Padang-Padang Beach

A real cinema setting!

Padang-Padang is a magnificent little white sandy beach punctuated of especially photogenic appearing rocks. A true postcard setting, which you discover, open-mouthed, at the very end of narrow stairs carved into the rock. The beach became pretty famous for travellers after the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts.

You can easily bath there since there are very little waves. If you desire, you will find some beach cafes where you could have a drink or eat.

Recommended visit duration: 60 minutes.

Suluban Beach

A breath-taking cove

Suluban is a stunning little cove very appreciated by surfers, whether they are Balinese or foreigners, for the quality of its waves. The beach is accessible using a rather steep stair with narrow steps in the end. Simple bathing is difficult but the place is just stunning and is totally worth the glance.

You will undeniably stand there open-mouthed facing this unforgettable place of gorgeous scenery. If you desire, you will get the opportunity to have a drink or eat at one of the several warungs and restaurants overlooking the cove or even just to go and admire the turquoise and see-through water from the cliff that surrounds the beach.

Recommended visit duration: 60 minutes.


The temple dominating the ocean.

Erected in the 10th century, Uluwatu - situated at the southern end of the island - is one of Bali’s oldest temples. 70 metres above sea level; it overlooks the ocean and is dedicated to the spirits of the sea. It is also one of the 9 temples, which, according to Hindu precepts, aim at protecting the island from evil spirits.

Even though travellers are not granted access to the temple - reserved for believers - the scenery of the waves crushing into the cliffs is worth the effort when the sun is turning the whole landscape into a soft orange-tinted backdrop.

Recommended visit duration: 60 minutes.

Jimbaran Fish Market

Splendid boats and rare species.

Jimbaran fish market is a true and authentic jewel. Each morning, hundreds of Balinese come to get their supplies in freshly caught seafood and fish: mahi-mahi, tuna, barracuda, rainbow runner, red snapper, squid or even lobster.

This is for you the rare chance to discover other fish species and you can count on the warm welcome of the locals who work effectively behind their stalls to learn more on their catch of the day. Dozens of Jukungs - these absolutely photogenic Balinese fishing boats - are also visible on the nearby beach.

Recommended visit duration: 45 minutes.