The Alternative Path: Yeh Pulu, Kusamba...

Center and east of Bali: Goa Gajah - Yeh Pulu - Goa Lawah - Taman Gili (Klungkung) - Kusamba Salt Makers.
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  • Meet one of the last artisanal salt producers in Kusamba.
  • Discover the most mysterious temples around Ubud.
  • Admire the relics of Klungkung kingdom in Taman Gili.
  • Set your own pace and freely manage your time.
  • Private car with an experienced and very caring driver.
  • Lunch is not included: eat according to your desires!
Full day trip by car with private driver

Follow Made, your private driver, to the discovery of the most mysterious Balinese temples of Ubud’s region and meet one of the last artisanal salt producer in Kusamba! Your driver will pick you up at 9 a.m. at your accommodation with his comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle to drive you along the different steps of your day (each are distant from each other by a 5 to 40 minutes drive). You can count on his soft driving and his perfect knowledge of the island to choose roads bordered with authentic villages and gorgeous landscapes.

You will first explore the enigmatic Goa Gajah with its diabolical cave, the bas-reliefs of the discrete Yeh Pulu then Taman Gili, which holds the last relics of the past splendour of Klungkung kingdom.

You will have the chance to meet one of the last artisanal salt producer in Kusamba,a small authentic coastal village. Just a few steps away from there, you will visit Goa Lawah, famous for its thousands of bats and thrilling legends.

You will be back at your accommodation late in the afternoon or early in the evening depending on its location, the traffic conditions and the time spent on each place of interest.

Selamat Pagi!
(Indonesian way to say Hello)
My name is Made and I'll be
your driver on this tour.”

Native from Bali, Made lives with his wife and his two kids in Denpasar. He offers high quality services based on the respect and the thoughtful attention he pays to his clients. His obsession: to hand you down his knowledge on Bali and facilitate your travels making them more pleasant each time thanks to his soft driving and the many services he offers on board.

Foreign languages: English (fluent), French (elementary).

Vehicle and on-board services: Toyota Avanza with air conditioning, mobile phone charger, fresh water bottles, fresh towels, sarongs for the visits and tissues.

Goa Gajah

The enigmatic.

This is one of Bali’s most mysterious temples. Its origin remains uncertain and its name arouses curiosity since there were no elephant in Bali during its construction in the 11th century. Dutch archaeologists discovered the natural cave in 1923 and it is only in 1954 that the nearby pond was revealed. According to one of many legends, the giant Kebo Iwa has sculpted the cave with its nails in only one night.

The site is surrounded by lush vegetation and is accessible via a path punctuated with some stairs. You will be amazed by the imposing diabolical facade of the cave as it seems the demon is eating you up while entering the cave.

Recommended visit duration: 30 minutes.

Yeh Pulu

Will you perceive the signification of its carvings?

The stunning carvings of Yeh Pulu are hiding only a few minutes drive from Goa Gajah, deep inside a small Balinese village. These are sculpted upon a 25 m long cliff backed on a holy well.

To admire them you will have to follow a small path with a few steps and surrounded by rice fields. The place is very peaceful, still little known, and beneficiates from a lush environment that invites to relaxation and is favourable to the comprehension of the temple’s bas-reliefs whose meaning still remains undefined.

Recommended visit duration: 30 minutes.

Goa Lawah

The legendary bats cave.

The legend goes that the god Naga Basuki – the giant snake protecting the balance of the earth according to the Hindus – is said to live in the cave of the Goa Lawah temple. It is said to eat the thousands of bats inhabiting the place. Besides, the cave is supposed to be connected to Besakih temple via an underground river. However nobody actually dared to enter to verify this fact.

Over 1000 years old, Goa Lawah is part of the 9 protective temples of Bali. You will have the chance to observe numerous believers who come to engage in private prayers at the cave’s entrance where hundreds of bats suspended to the cave walls are creating a rather special atmosphere.

Recommended visit duration: 30 minutes.

Taman Gili (Klungkung)

A symbolic place featuring splendid frescoes.

Taman Gili is a site steeped in history: erected in 1970, it holds the last relics of the past splendour of Klungkung kingdom. Its garden incorporates a courthouse (Kertha Gosa), a floating pavilion surrounded by a lily pond and a museum dedicated to its history.

The palace was mostly destroyed during the Dutch invasion in 1908, when the king of Klungkung chose the “puputan” – sort of suicidal confrontation – over a peace agreement.

While contemplating the relics of this blazing era, you will most certainly be astounded by the courthouse splendid roof frescoes, which illustrate for instance the punishments inflicted to the sinners.

Recommended visit duration: 45 to 60 minutes.

Kusamba Salt Makers

Discover an ancestral process.

Truly authentic jewel, Kusamba is a small coastal village where inhabitants still make a living from fishing and from the artisanal production of a renowned salt, famous for its crystal-clear whiteness and its exceptional taste.

Go to the encounter of one of the last producers and witness the astonishing transformation of seawater into really photogenic salt crystals. Upon arrival, he will happily have a break to explain you the production process and your driver will deal with translating the conversation.

If you feel like doing so, you could help this producer by buying one of his samples as a souvenir.

Recommended visit duration: 30 minutes.