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How to get the Indonesian visa?

Everything you should know about the Indonesian visa:

Visa exemption
Visa before arrival
Visa upon arrival
Visa extension
The risks you expose yourself to when remaining in Bali after the authorised period.

Indonesia entry requirements

As of summer 2015, travellers of 45 countries (the United States and the United Kingdom included) are granted visa exemption, under certain conditions, upon arrival in Indonesia. When these conditions are not fulfilled, a visa for entering Indonesia is requested.

Full list of the countries whose citizens can beneficiate from this exemption:

Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, People Republic of China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong-China, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Lao PDR, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and Viet Nam.

Visa exemption is possible at specific entry points (listed below) under the condition that you have at least one empty page on your passport, and for a maximal stay of 30 days AND GO OUT by one of these entry points.

Points of entry and exit granting visa exemption:

  • Airports: Soekarno-Hatta in Jakarta, Ngurah Rai in Bali, Kuala Namu in Medan Sumatra North, Juanda in Surabaya Java East, Hang Nadim in Batam.
  • Harbours: Sri Bintan Pura in Tanjung Pinang, Sekupang in Batam, Batam Centre in Batam and Tanjung Uban in Bintan.

Warning: travellers who have benefited from the visa exemption to enter Indonesia won’t be able to exit the country by a port or airport not practicing the exemption. For example, if you apply for a visa waiver at the Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali, you won’t be able to exit by Mataram Airport in Lombok (not listed at the moment).

Important note: if you can beneficiate from it, do not forget that this visa exemption is only worth 30 days. You will not be able to extend your stay beyond 30 days if you enter under this visa waiver scheme.

Foreign citizens who are on an emergency passport cannot beneficiate from this exemption. They must necessarily be granted their visa before arriving on the Indonesian territory.

When the visa exemption is not applicable, you must continue the process to be granted a visa.

There are two ways to obtain this visa:

- before departure, via the Indonesian’ embassies or consulates in your respective country or abroad.

  • United States’ citizens: you can go to the Indonesian embassy in Washington or in one of the numerous consulates present in the United States. The touristic visa is granted for a maximal stay of 60 days and costs US$50.
  • Australian’ citizens: you can go to the Indonesian embassy in Canberra or mail them the documents. The touristic visa is delivered for a maximal stay of 60 days and costs AUS$70.
  • United Kingdom’ citizens: you have to go to the Indonesian embassy in London. The touristic visa is granted for a maximal stay of 60 days and costs £40.

- upon arrival (only specific entry points grant it).

Nationals of 62 countries including United-Kingdom, Australia and Unites States can also get a visa upon arrival in Indonesia.

Beware, the visa upon arrival is not granted everywhere. Some of the places that are entitles to granting visa upon arrival include Benoa harbour in Bali and the following airports: Halim Perdana Kusuma in Jakarta, Adisucipto in Yogyakarta and Polonia in Medan.

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Sample of Indonesian visa

The visa on arrival is limited to 30 days and is renewable once, under the condition to have at least one empty page on your passport. Make sure your passport has enough empty pages for the visa stamp and its extension when necessary.

The cost of this visa upon arrival in Indonesia is of US$35 (as of July 2014). To avoid an unfavourable exchange rate or not getting the change back, it is recommended to have the exact amount of money with you (in US dollars).

Foreign citizens who are on an emergency passport cannot beneficiate from this type of visa. They must necessarily be granted their visa before arriving on the Indonesian territory.

Whether you beneficiate from a visa exemption or not, your passport’s expiring date must be superior to 6 months from the date of arrival to Indonesia, in order to enter the Indonesian territory.

We invite you to consult the list of entry points granting visa exemption and those authorised to grant the visa upon arrival before travelling, from the website of the Indonesian embassy in Washington.

Visa extension (when possible)

If you wish to extend your visa, you need to ask for the extension at least 7 days before it expires at the immigration office, next to Denpasar airport. The process takes around a week and costs IDR 355,000 (€21.6).

Indonesia exit requirements

The airport tax leaving Indonesia (the price varies depending on the airport) is included in the flight ticket’s price, as of February 2015.
You will then not have to pay for it, as formerly required, when going through the check in process at the counter of your company.
Just for the record, the amount of the airport tax goes up to IDR 200,000 (€12.2) for an international flight and up to IDR 75,000 (€4.6) for a national flight departing from Denpasar.

Overstaying your Indonesian visa

We strongly recommend you not to remain on the Indonesian territory after your visa or the visa exemption expires!

Any foreigner in this situation is subject to a IDR 300,000 fine per day (€18.3) during the first 60 days of overstaying your visa or the visa exemption. Beyond those 60 days, the maximal fine is of IDR 500,000,000 (€30,486.5). And if this fine cannot be honoured, the foreigner can be held in detention.

It is then highly recommended to be very careful on this point and to avoid, under any circumstances, non-authorised overstays.

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