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  • An exhilarating half day trip in the best spots of the Amed area.
  • Turtles, rays, clown fish… make the most of the rich fauna!
  • Discovery of the USS Liberty and the Japanese wreck.
  • Optional snorkelling equipment.
  • Private and attentive driver living in the area.
  • Possibility of lunch or dinner at Jemeluk (not included).
Discovering the local way of life

Discover the best snorkelling (underwater exploration with flippers, mask, and snorkel) spots of the Amed and Tulamben area, independently and at your own pace throughout an exciting half day trip.

Wayan, your private English-speaking driver, will pick you up at your accommodation at 8:00 or 13:30 depending on the chosen session. He will drive you to the different spots and will wait for you by his car whilst you are in the water.

You will begin with the famous wreck of the USS Liberty. This American ship was torpedoed by the Japanese during the second world war and its wreck remained on the beach for more than 20 years, before it slipped back into the Balinese sea after the eruption of Mount Agung and the earthquake in 1963.

You will then head South West of Amed to observe the Japanese wreck whose history remains a mystery to this day. Was the ship truly Japanese or was it the Japanese style toilets that gave it such a name?

Your half day of exploration will come to an end at Amed beach where, by carefully following our instructions, you might be able to see rays, clown fish, or even swim with turtles later in the day. A truly magical experience…

If there is enough time after snorkelling, you can make the most of the area by having lunch or dinner, depending on the chosen session, in the establishment of your choice in the Jemeluk bay vicinity before being dropped back off at your accommodation.

Snorkelling: USS Liberty

Exceptional flora and fauna

The famous American USS Liberty shipwreck (120 metres long) lies in the middle of the Tulamben bay, around 30 metres away from the beach. It can be accessed within a few minutes, after passing through the waves.

The wreck is broken up and submerged between 6 and 28 metres deep under the surface, which makes the spot very popular for both snorkelling enthusiasts and divers. In the shallowest part, you can admire beautiful corals and an incredible fauna. You will observe small and brightly coloured fish (gaterin orientalis, triggerfish, lined surgeonfish…) and, with a bit of luck, some bigger species (jack fish, groupers, bumphead parrot fish, napoleon fish, small sharks, rays…) emerging from the deeper waters.

Snorkelling: Japanese Wreck

A surprisingly rich coral world!

The Japanese wreck lies between 6 and 12 metres below the surface, metres away from the pebble-beach where you will be dropped off. It can easily be found by swimming towards the buoy indicating its location.

Partially destroyed, and around 20 metres in length, the wreck is covered in live coral of fascinating shapes and colours. Many crabs, sponges, shrimps and a huge variety of fish have set up camp here. Completely taken over by the marine world, it is captivating to try to reconstruct this boat’s mysterious past. Will you be able to locate the bow?

Snorkelling: Amed Beach

Will you be lucky enough to spot turtles?

Amed’s black beach harbours an excellent shallow snorkelling spot (between 2-4 metres deep) around 10 metres away from the shore.

You will find a beautiful coral garden home to blue starfish and numerous species of fish including clown fish (just like Nemo!) and lionfish. Later in the day, you may also bump into some turtles! Before getting out of the water, don’t forget to make the most of the stunning view over the majestic Mount Agung…

Due to the size of Amed beach, you will be given detailed instructions about the best swimming spot a couple of days before the activity.

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