We gave this place a try:

Balinda Rooms & Villas

Guest House

Good location, clean and comfortable

The terrace

Balinda Rooms & Villas is a small establishment offering two rooms and a three-room villa.

It is situated away from the large Jalan Raya Lovina-Singaraja in Kalibukbuk, one of the villages belonging to Lovina, around 200 meters from Lovina’s beach. Nearby, you will find hotels, restaurants, warungs, bars and convenience stores.

During our stay and according to the current exchange rate, the price for a night breakfast included in a standard double room was €20.3 (IDR 350,000) while the price for the three-bedroom villa was €63.4 (IDR 1,095,000).

A Dutchman and his Indonesian partner own the place. The staff is also Indonesian. The owner did not take part in the welcome, even tough he was present on the premises. By contrast, the employees always had a smile on their face and did answer all our enquiries each time.

The available rooms are situated upstairs of a small building. Their terraces are separated by a screen and overlook a small pond where fishes are swimming. Underneath, the lobby is the only place where WIFI is available and a spa offers massages.

There is a swimming pool, which is only available to clients of standard rooms if the villa is not rented! During our stay, the villa was rented so we could not take a bath in the swimming pool. Best not to count on it and have a nice surprise in case it is actually available!

Our 20 m² room was well equipped: very comfortable double bed, air conditioning, a fridge, a wardrobe and mosquito repellent. The private bathroom was inside the room and included a shower with hot water, a toilet as well as separating curtains. It was all separated from the bedroom by a sliding door.

Standard Double Room (20m²)
The breakfast at Balinda Rooms & Villas

Breakfast was served on the terrace and included a hot drink (coffee or tea), a small plate of fruits and a banana pancake. The same breakfast was served on the second day. It was tasty, but not very copious, and we regretted having the same breakfast on both mornings.

What nights did we spend?

We slept really well in this hotel. This was without a doubt the best nights we spent in Bali! Very little noise coming from the animals and the bedding was extremely comfortable. Even the natural light that managed to go through the curtains did not disturb us at all!

Sensitive people will still have to bring their sleep mask.

We really liked our stay at Balinda Rooms & Villas. We slept really well there, the room was clean and the location was ideal. We simply regretted the WIFI, which is only available downstairs in the lobby and the lack of interest of the owner for his clients. Breakfast could also be more sophisticated and copious.