We gave this place a try:

Pratama House

Guest House

Pleasant facility facing a few shortcomings

Pratama House is a 5-room guesthouse. During our stay and according to the current exchange rate, the price per night breakfast included was about €15.6 (IDR 250,000).

Each room comes with a terrace

The guesthouse is situated quite far along Jalan Sandat (street), which is perpendicular to Jalan Raya Ubud (main street), about 1 km away from Ubud’s palace. The place is authentic, calm and makes it possible to rest away from the liveliness of Ubud’s centre.

We, unfortunately, did not have the opportunity to exchange a lot with the family, who is rather discrete apart from the father who spends most of his time trying to facilitate the excursions of his guests, using an English which is overall sufficient for the continuity of normal conversations.


The rooms are located in small typical houses (two or three rooms per structure) and most of them offer a lovely view on the temple and the surrounding small gardens.

Our 12 m² room comprises a ceiling-fan, a large wooden framed bed and a chest of drawers, thin curtains and a travel adaptor. A terrace is adjacent to each room. The private (and narrow) bathroom is situated inside the room and made with modern furniture. Hot water is available. Towels and soap are provided (however no shampoo).

Double Room (12m²)
Breakfast is way too small


Breakfast is served on the terrace from around 7:30 a.m. On the first day, we had a continental breakfast (mini fruit salad, 2 eggs and a single toast). It was good but insufficient! On the second day, we asked for an Indonesian breakfast and they served us a Mie Goreng. It was delicious and, this time, much more generous! Do not hesitate to follow our lead!
Be forewarned, service is slightly long. Best express your needs with anticipation, especially if you have a scheduled excursion.

Good to know: round-the-clock tea and coffee can be enjoyed at the terrace thanks to a thermos filled with hot water.

What nights did we spend there?

We spent a good night of sleep at this guesthouse despite the oppressive heat which even the ceiling-fan had difficulties to solve. It is also recommended to wake up early as animals tend to have an early start and the curtains let in the natural light coming from the outside.

Frangipani’s flowers

We especially enjoyed the cleanliness of the premises and our terrace gave us a vast impression of space (but not all rooms are the same).

We slightly less enjoyed the lack of proximity with the family (apart with the father), the insufficient continental breakfast, in our opinion, and most of all the noise of the pump situated in the courtyard, which starts running as soon as someone turns on the tap. Some rooms may not be affected by the noise due to their distinct location, however that particular point is according to us the main downside of this guesthouse. If you are particularly sensitive to noise, it is imperative that you bring your earplugs!