We gave this place a try:

POP! Legian Dewi Sri

2-star hotel

Try out an Indonesian hotel brand!

Pop! Legian Dewi Sri hotel is part of the Pop! Hotel brand (HARRIS Hotels & Resorts group) that you can find in some of the biggest Indonesian islands. Originally, this chain was aimed more at travelling Indonesian workers rather than tourists.

The hotel from the Jalan Dewi Sri

It is worth mentioning from the start that if you are looking for a small guesthouse, this hotel is not for you!

The establishment is situated on the Jalan Dewi Sri, number 1A and is comprised of 128 rooms spread out over several floors. With its green and orange design, the hotel is easily spotted! There are less tourists in this area than in other parts of Legian and you will see many Indonesians in the restaurants and warungs nearby.

During our stay and according to the current exchange rate, the price for a night including breakfast was €13.3 (IDR 230,400). This price varies according to the seasons.

We received a fairly warm welcome, but the friendliness varied depending on the employee.

The rooms are similar to those of the big low-budget hotel brands that one can find in Europe. The equipment is rather frugal: one double bed, a convertible bed for a third person if a triple room is required, a private bathroom and simple but colourful decor.

Our room (21m²) was well equipped: a big double bed, air conditioning, towels, a flat screen television with cable TV, European plug sockets (standard in Bali) and UK plug sockets, a safe, a basin with shampoo and soap every day.

POP! Double Room (21m²)
The free "Morning Bite"

The establishment has an unsecured WIFI connection and offers a buffet for breakfast. As the Pop! Hotels are aimed more at Indonesians than westerners, it was the most local breakfast we tried in Bali! One must present the little coupon received on arrival. The breakfast choices vary from day to day. On the first day, there was rice, fried noodles and meat followed by Balinese cakes and on the second day Bubuh Injin was served (a kind of black rice pudding with coconut milk and brown sugar) and rice with chicken in banana leaves. One small piece of advice would be to come early! One hour before the end of service, there wasn’t much left. Actually, the hotel considers breakfast to be an extra freebie which therefore has a limited quantity. So first come, first served!

What nights did we spend ?

We slept very well in this hotel: the bedding was very comfortable, the room was pretty well sound-proofed, the area was quiet and the light didn’t come through the curtains early in the morning.

We really enjoyed our stay here. There were few tourists, the breakfast was truly local and delicious, the room was well equipped and all of this for a very reasonable price.