We gave this place a try:

Dapur Bunda


Stylish yet budget-friendly restaurant in Ubud

As of December 9, 2022, Dapur Bunda unfortunately seems to be permanently closed following the Covid. Among the establishments tested in Ubud and still open, you will find in particular Fair Warung Balé, Mama’s Warung and Sawah Indah.

Dapur Bunda is a restaurant of around twenty tables, implanted in an ancient vast two-storey house.

It is located only 350 m away from Ubud’s Palace, right at the beginning of a street perpendicular to Jaan Raya Ubud leading to many guesthouses and restaurants as well as the Pura Dalem Taman Kaja where you can enjoy Kecak dance shows. It is a very touristic area and you will see more travellers than Balinese!

The harmonious decoration is very cosy with some sofas, armchairs and basic tables in green and grey tones inviting to a relaxing moment. There is also a small terrace upstairs.

Stylish design
Dapur Bunda’s upper floor

We were kindly welcomed by the staff and the menu is in English. A French man married to an Indonesian woman holds the establishment.

Dapur Bunda offers Indonesian and occidental tapas (small portions to combine: rice, chicken curry, sautéed beans, ratatouille, feta cheese tomatoes . . . beware if you are really hungry the bill can add up rapidly!) and some traditional Indonesian dishes such as Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng.

What did we try out for you?

Chicken Nasi Goreng Merah, IDR 33,000 (€2.0): the specificity of the Nasi Goreng Merah is to be cooked with locally grown red rice. This dish was tasty and copious.

Nasi Goreng Merah (€2.0)
Gado-gado (€1.5)

A revisited version of the traditional Gado-Gado for IDR 25,000 (€1.5): boiled vegetables with hard-boiled egg and peanut bars (such as shown on the menu with a picture instead of the traditional “peanut sauce” of the Gado-Gado). This dish was tasty, original and served with tofu doughnuts. Vegetarian friends, you will be delighted!

Two lime teas for IDR 12,000 each (€0.7): nothing to declare!

The whole meal was tasty and rather copious, however probably not to the extend that we would want to go back there.

The place was clean, even though the bathroom with a toilet was lacking water due to the use of a machine at the ground floor. The restaurant also has WIFI.