We gave this place a try:

Warung Janggar Ulam


Indonesian dishes and view over the rice fields

Warung Janggar Ulam is an affordable Balinese restaurant situated close to the rice fields, on the east side of Ubud. The restaurant has around 20 tables.

It is located around 3 km from Ubud’s centre and only 1 km away from Sila Urip Guest House where we stayed. The restaurant is overlooking the rice fields: the view and the calm atmosphere are very pleasant during the meal. Both travellers and the Balinese largely frequent it.

The staff is Balinese, charming and speaks a little bit of English. The menu is available in English.

Quiet place close to the rice fields

The restaurant is composed of several areas with distinct types of typical Balinese architecture. On one side there are several islets, of different sizes, allowing some intimacy and benefiting from the coolness of the nearby pond. It is possible to eat there sitting on a chair or cross-legged (depending on the place you choose). On the other side, there is a large room with around fifteen tables, with naturally less intimacy.

The food menu is rather extensive. For each meat/fish/seafood specialty it is possible to choose between rice and chips.

What did we try out for you?

Cumi Satay / Squid Satay for IDR 35,000 (€2.1): squid skewers in satay sauce. This tasty dish is however way too light and difficult to eat. Hence deceiving.

Iga Kabar / Pork Spare Ribs for IDR 43,000 (€2.6): fair quantity especially for that price, and most importantly it tasted good. A good choice!

Iga Kabar / Pork Spare Ribs (€2.6)
Es Teler, an absolute must try!

Es Teler, IDR 13,000 (€0.8): Indonesian dessert (but listed as a beverage!) made of fresh fruits, ice cubes, thin slices of young coconut, milk, syrup and jelly. Very original and absolutely delicious! If you wish to try out that dessert, our advice is to share one as is could easily get cloying in the end.

Es Kelapa Muda, IDR 9,000 (€0.5): beverage made of thin slices of young coconut with ice cubes, lemon and syrup. Refreshing and filling.

You will also find duck, fish and seafood (mussels, shrimps, etc.) specialties and Indonesian classics as well. Finally, you will find a large choice of desserts and beverages.

The cleanliness of the room and the toilets is average for a restaurant in Bali and the establishment offers a free WIFI connection.