We gave this place a try:

The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge


Varied menu and exceptional setting

The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge is the main restaurant of Padma Resort Ubud, a luxurious facility in an idyllic setting located to the North from Ubud.

Situated on the 4th and last floor of the main building, it beneficiates from a contemporary decoration which honours teakwood and marble. During the day, it offers a striking view on the garden, the bamboo forest, the rice fields in the distance and even the Sanur bay when the weather allows it, while in the evening the place emanates an intimate and warm ambiance (in presence of a musician).

Beautiful setting and contemporary decoration
Dinner with music

The menu presents a very large selection of dishes. It is the main asset of this facility. Not only numerous cuisines are represented (Balinese, Indonesian and other Asian countries, but also Italian and American with pasta, burgers and big pieces of meat, rather rare in Bali) but it also caters for almost all budgets. You will also find many dishes for vegetarians and people subject to gluten intolerance.

The menu is so expanded that it can get rather long to come to a choice; if you are staying at the hotel, we advise you to study the menu peacefully in your room before going to the restaurant!

The service is pleasant and rather fast and the dishes were served simultaneously (with the precision that we were two in low season).

What did we try out for you?

Regarding the drinks, the menu offers an impressive cocktail choice, with or without alcohol. We opted for a “Cinderella” (mocktail, IDR 60,000 so about €3.7) made with grenadine and lime, orange and pineapple juice. A good surprise! Besides, the unmissable big bottle of Bintang is here presented for the price of IDR 90,000 (€5.5).

Beer and Cinderella at Puhu Restaurant

The drinks came with very copious complementary appetizers: a small fruit glass jar, and a delicious bread, still warm and stuffed with cheese, similar to the Indian “naans”. Hard to resist!

Then, our starters and main dishes arrived. On average, the starters cost between IDR 50,000 and IDR 130,000 (€3.1 - €8.0) and the main dishes from IDR 120,000 up to IDR 200,000 (€7.4 - €12.3).

Our chose to try the following dishes:

  • Lobster spring rolls: it was actually more papillotes than spring rolls. They were filled with lobster meat, bean sprouts, carrots and corn stuffing. A mango chutney and a sweet and sour sauce to accompany the whole. Because it was in reality papillotes rather than rolls, the rice wrap was quite dry – it was rather complicated to eat without spreading it everywhere - but the taste was good.
  • Local buffalo mozzarella: what a surprise to find this type of cheese in Bali, moreover locally produced! The delicious mozzarella ball, fresh and melting, was served with tomato slices and a filet of balsamic vinegar and basil dressing. The tomato would only have benefited from being at room temperature.
Lobster Spring Roll
Delicious buffalo mozzarella
  • Spaghetti Bolognese: spaghetti served with minced beef, tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese and rocket salad. The dish was good, although slightly too peppery and not salty enough.
  • Spinach ravioli with shrimps and seafood ragout: delicious ravioli served with shrimps, pieces of fish, shellfishes and two big mussels, presented with a delicious, rather creamy capers sauce, topped with rocket salad. The shrimps were rather big, fresh and firm. Unfortunately, one out of the two mussels was closed!
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Ravioli with spinach and seafood
  • Scoops of homemade guava sorbet: delicious and very well presented. Simple but always appreciated.

Our dishes were copiously served and we could not even manage to finish them! It must be said that the cheese stuffed bread as appetizer was already very filling. Therefore, it is not very necessary to accompany the main dish with a starter or a dessert.