We gave this place a try:

Sawah Indah


Quality meal and beautiful scenery

Warung Ikan Bakar dan Bebek Resto Sawah Indah (also known as Sawah Indah) is a Balinese restaurant situated near the rice fields, on the east side of Ubud.

The restaurant has around thirty tables (it usually serves a hundred covers, the place is regularly privatised for weddings) and you may count with a hundred rupiahs per person to try out the specialities without restraining yourself (dish + rice + beverage).

It is situated 3.5 km from Ubud’s centre and around 1 km from Sila Urip Guest House where we stayed. The restaurant overlooks the rice fields: the view and the calm atmosphere are very pleasant while getting something to eat.

Sawah Indah’s nice setting
A peaceful place to enjoy a meal

The staff, composed of many employees, is Balinese, friendly and speaks a little English. They are fairly discrete and waited for us to make our choice to come closer and take the order. The menu is translated into English and some pictures accompany to assist the choice!

The restaurant is composed of numerous islets, more or less vast, allowing some intimacy. It is possible to eat there sitting on a chair or cross-legged (depending on the chosen area).

The menu is pretty diverse: it is difficult to choose!

What did we try out for you?

Bebek pedas manis, IDR 55,000 (€3.4): duck wings and thighs, from locally grown ducks running outside the restaurant and strolling the surrounding rice fields, served with two different sauces (spicy or sweet). We found the duck very tender and slightly greasy.

Nasi Bakar, IDR 10,000 (€0.6): delicately spiced rice cooked in a banana leaf. Excellent however slightly too salted according to us.

Satay Ayam, IDR 35,000 (€2.1): 6 chicken skewers with a sweet peanut sauce, fairly mild. Served on portable clay stove with embers. The skewers were really good and the peanut sauce was divine.

Chicken cooked in a banana leaf
Bebek pedas manis (€3.4)

We also fell for a mango juice (good) and a lemon juice (slightly too sweet) for IDR 20, 000 each (€1.2). We went for our favourite juices but the choice was very large.

The restaurant specialties are essentially duck and fish specialties, and dishes cooked in banana leaves and bamboo. People who are not really attracted by these dishes will also find Indonesian classics and some international dishes.

The dinning room is very well maintained and the kitchen seemed to be really clean (it is partly visible from the cashier).