We gave this place a try:

Warung Pantai Indah


Nice warung, feet in the sand!

Ayam Goreng Saos California

Pantai Indah is a Warung bordering Sanur’s beach, at the northern corner of Peneeda View Hotel. Prices are slightly higher than most Warungs of the city but the place offers an attractive setting.

Counting with around twenty seats on the beach and a few tables inside. The menu is in English and offers a large variety of dishes: seafood obviously, classic Indonesian specialties, dishes cooked in bamboo or barbecued, etc . . . The staff is nice and speaks good English.

What did we try out for you?

 Babi Kecap for IDR 60,000 (€3.5): pork in sweet soy sauce, served with plain rice and vegetables. Very tasty and generous portion.

 Ayam Goreng Saos California for IDR 50,000 (€2.9): chicken with a spicy-tomatoes-onion puree, served with plain rice. Slightly greasy but delicious. Generous portion.

 A large Bintang for IDR 40,000 (€2.3). Served fairly cool with iced glasses and its isothermal neoprene rubber case.