We gave this place a try:

Mama’s Warung


Good value for money and diverse food

Owned by a Balinese family, Mama’s Warung offers only 7 tables.

The restaurant is situated in a large and rather busy street of Ubud, 1,3 km away from Ubud’s Palace. Due to the intense traffic, the atmosphere may be noisy depending on the hour you eat there.

The upper stage of the warung

Welcome was not particularly warm. Visibly we arrived a little too early (around 5:30 p.m., specifying that nightfall is at 6 p.m.), the family was not ready . . . We chose to eat upstairs. We did not get any advice for the choice of the dishes (it is however important to note that the entire menu was in English) and we had to write down the order ourselves on a piece of paper! Luckily the service afterwards was fine.

The food served in this warung is very diverse: Balinese and Indonesian dishes, but also Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American (burgers) and French (baguette) cuisine.

From the menu only available in English and the different kinds of cuisine offered, we are clearly in a touristic warung (we did not see that coming as no sign nor menu were displayed outside).

What did we try out for you?

Mango juice for IDR 13,000 (€0.8): excellent and copiously served as they brought us all the leftover from the preparation in an extra container.

Pineapple juice for IDR 10,000 (€0.6): excellent as well (added sugar?) and served as copiously as the mango juice.

Avocado/chicken salad for IDR 20,000 (€1.2): a real delight!! Half guacamole half salad mixed with small chicken bites and perfectly seasoned with garlic and well balanced spices.

Avocado/Chicken salad and juices
Mixed Satay (€1.7)

Mixed Satay for IDR 30,000 (€1.7): 7 mixed skewers (tough to guess what kind of meat) copiously topped with creamy satay sauce (less regular form). Good, but not the best satay either. Good value for money.

Babi Kecap for IDR 25,000 (€1.4): pork with Balinese sauce. A really nice surprise. The pork is less common in Bali so do not miss this sweet/savoury dish served with onions, sweet pepper and many spices. Tender pork and generous portion, a real delight. Beware: this dish is served without rice (IDR 5,000 or €0.3).

The place was relatively clean except the ants we observed on some of tables, but maybe did we arrive a little early indeed.