We gave this place a try:

Warung Kecil


Modern canteen where customers are always coming back

This Warung has an original concept: you have to select the set menu of your choice (with different amounts of side dishes, meat or not, etc) and arrange your plate, as you like, with the preparations of the day.

The staff, Indonesian, is pleasant and describes in English what the daily specials consist of. They offer many vegetarian dishes. Veggie lovers, welcome!

This Warung is often fully packed. We advise to come early, since there are only 6 tables and the best dishes are often offered at the beginning.

The dining area of Warung Kecil
IDR 26,000 set menu at Warung Kecil

What did we try out for you?

We chose a set menu each, consisting of rice + 1 meat from a selection + 2 side dishes for IDR 26,000 (€1.5).

Our plates were almost identical: caramelised chicken with sesame, a speciality made with peanuts, corn fritters and rice (one of us had yellow rice and the other had red rice).

When it comes to soft drinks, we chose a “lime squash” (fizzy water and lime) for IDR 17,000 (€1.0) and a really good mango juice at IDR 18,000 (€1.0).

Everything was delicious for practically unbeatable value!

We did not get to see the kitchen, but the overall place was really clean and they have a free WIFI.