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The Island Of Gods Invites You

The famous Tanah Lot temple

Bali, known as the “Island of Gods”, has attracted and fascinated tourists from around the world for decades.

We must bear in mind that this small island of 5,780 square kilometers (2,231 square miles), the only majority Hindu island in the Indonesian archipelago, has all the ingredients for a dream vacation, starting with diverse, breathtaking scenery: hills covered with terraced rice fields, numerous amazingly beautiful temples, volcanoes, lakes, black sand beaches, lush forests... Not forgetting the outstanding diving spots!

In Bali, you will find activities to match your tastes: lazing on the beach, volcano climbing, walking or biking in the rice fields, visiting temples, trekking through lush forests, rafting, surfing, diving... And then there is Ubud, the unmissable artistic and cultural capital of the island. You can attend dance and music performances, visit art galleries, learn to cook in the Balinese style...

But the richness of Bali is above all in its authentic culture and its people. Take advantage of your stay in Bali to meet them with authentic experiences and discover their lifestyle midway between tradition and modernity.

Balinese ceremony

The Balinese are mostly Hindu with an animistic strain. They do not merely pray to the gods from the Indian culture but also to the spirits, plants, volcanoes... They have preserved their culture and continue to live it authentically. Their lives are literally paced by the very many traditional Balinese festivals (see the Calendar Of Events In Bali). You may be fortunate enough to attend one of them!

During your stay you will find that the Balinese are full of life, enthusiastic, hospitable and very curious about lifestyles different from their own, so long as you avoid mass tourism areas and try to talk with them.

Bali is a destination that can suit all kinds of travelers (young or retired couples, families with children, single people), provided they tour the island at their own pace and know where to go depending on their preferences. A student at a surf school does not necessarily have the same hope to share special moments with local people as a family traveling together...

Even if Bali is a flagship tourist destination, it still conceals authentic places waiting to be discovered.

Beautiful rice terraces in Bali
Balinese boat (Jukung) in Sanur

Finally, Bali also invites you to relax with its many spa and massage parlours that make us want to try them one after the other...

Convinced? All you need to do now is to plan your stay with the help of our free travel guide entirely dedicated to Bali. Let us guide you and have a good trip! Feel free to start with our TOP 10 Things to see and do in Bali.

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