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Bali offers a wide range of accomodations

Consult the different types of accommodation you can find in Bali with their advantages and disadvantages: hotel, guesthouse, villa for rent, etc.

What type of accommodation to choose?

Choice of accommodation depends essentially on your travelling preferences: only one accommodation from which to radiate or rather a different accommodation at every stage of your travel.

Then comes, of course, the budget, into consideration. Don’t worry, there are options for a large range of budgets in Bali and the offer is wide. You might even have trouble getting your bearings…

In order to help you to find the perfect ones, we gave many places a try. Find out our Top of Bali’s Best Hotels and/or our Top of Bali’s Budget Hotels. These selections contain both hotels and guest houses.

A few points that merit attention:

Prices vary depending on the touristic season in Indonesia, and especially in Bali: they can reach peaks in July-August and at the end of the year. Better then book well in advance if you intend on visiting Bali during peak season.

During peak season, the price of a double room might vary from about IDR 150,000 (€8.7) in a small guesthouse up to over IDR 4,500,000 (€259.9) per night in a luxury hotel (21% taxes included).

For the current conversion to Indonesian Rupiah from your currency, refer to the currency converter available in the Money section of our travel guide.

During low season, rates can be negotiated.
If you need accommodation for the upcoming night, find your room in the morning or early afternoon since it is always harder to negotiate the rate at night. Hotels managers are fully aware of the fact that you will not go to many other hotels around to compare, and most importantly, available rooms can become scarce.

Hotels in Bali

Hotels generally offer rather high standards and comfort. But, like anywhere else, you can find everything in Bali’s listed hotels: the very best and very worst as well. Beware of the words resort or spa: the establishments will not obviously have the facilities one would expect from the wording used in their advertising. Remember to have a close look at the facilities, not to be disappointed on this point.

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Guesthouses in Bali

Guesthouses, in theory, allow closer contact with inhabitants than hotels. They usually show a rather competitive price compared to hotels and, in most cases, offer an equal level of comfort. Such as for hotels, you can find everything in Bali’s listed guesthouses: the very best and very worst as well.

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Villa rental in Bali

Villa rentals in Bali are on the rise, as they rhyme with comfort, tranquillity, freedom and luxury. This is an ideal option when travelling with family, friends or as a group. The number of offers keeps on increasing.

So that your holidays do not turn into a nightmare, we recommend you to follow the few following tips.

Get information on the villa: commentaries of the past clients, study the value for money (it sometimes happens that prices are quite overestimated with regards to the provided services), precise location (GPS, surroundings), reliability of the landlord or the agent renting the villa.

Beware: a lot of villas in Bali were built without a building permit and many occidental landlords rent their villa without the required visa to do so. In case of control of the local authorities (increasing numbers), you will have to find straight away another accommodation and go after the landlord to get the rental’s money back. A cautious approach is strongly recommended.

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