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How to get the Indonesian visa?

Everything you should know about the Indonesian visa:

Visa upon arrival
Visa extension
The risks you expose yourself to when remaining in Bali after the authorised period.

The visa waiver that existed for travellers entering from the USA, Australia and the UK no longer exists. Henceforth, a Visa is required to enter Indonesia.

Visa upon arrival

Nationals of 75 countries including United-Kingdom, Australia and Unites States can get a visa upon arrival in Indonesia.

Beware, the visa upon arrival is not granted everywhere. Some of the places that are entitles to granting visa upon arrival include Ngurah Rai (DPS) airport in Denpasar, Benoa harbour in Bali and the following airports: Yogyakarta (YIA) and Juanda in Java.

Sample of Indonesian visa

The visa on arrival is limited to 30 days, for a single entry and is renewable once (at a local Immigration Office), under the condition to have at least one empty page on your passport.

The cost of this visa upon arrival in Indonesia is of 500 000 IDR (€30.6) per person (applies to adults and children).

You can either pay the visa with Indonesian rupees (the best option to avoid bad exchange rates), by using one of the fifteen supported currencies (including the Euro and the American dollar, but use only notes and count widely as the exchange rate with Indonesian rupees are not often updated) or by bank card with an additional 3% fee.

This visa is not delivered to the travellers with an emergency passport. They must get a the visa before their entry in the Indonesian territory.

To obtain the visa on arrival, the following conditions must be met:

  • The expiration date of your passport must be greater than 6 months, from the date of your arrival in Indonesia.
  • A return air flight ticket must be shown.
  • You must fill in the « Electronic Custom Declaration » 3 days before travelling and having the QR code ready to be scanned. The form is available on the website of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance.

Additional COVID-19-related requirements:

  • You must show a COVID-19 vaccination certificate (paper or QR code) with at least 2 shots. The last shot must have been done at least 14 days before your arrival. In this case, no quarantine will be required.
  • You can also enter de Indonesian territory with a single shot if you are able to show a certificate proving that you have been infected be the Covid-19 more than 30 days before your arrival and can no longer transmit it.
  • For non-vaccinated people, you can enter only if you have a certificate from a hospital stating that vaccination is contraindicated in your situation.
  • A 5-day quarantine in a CHSE-labelled accommodation seems necessary for travellers who do not have two shots, but to be honest the information is unclear at the moment.
  • Children under 18 won’t have to provide any vaccination certificate or PCR test. However, they must follow their parent’s requirements according to their situation (quarantine for instance).
  • In theory, you must have downloaded the monitoring and tracking COVID-19 app ‘PeduliLindungi’ on your phone and having filled the e-HAC form.
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you must do a PCR test at the arrival in Indonesia or if your temperature is over 37,5° when passing the health check at the airport.
     Useful note: Health Insurance which covers COVID-19 treatment and evacuation is no longer required to enter Indonesia.

We invite you to consult the list of entry points granting the visa upon arrival and requirements to obtain it before travelling, from the website of the Indonesian embassy in Washington, from the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website, from the Embassy of Indonesia in London or from the Embassy of Indonesia in your country.

Visa extension (when possible)

If you wish to extend your visa, you need to ask for the extension at least 7 days before it expires at the nearest immigration office.

There are 3 immigration office in Bali:

  • Only 5 minutes away from the airport: Bali immigration office Ngurah Rai, Jalan Raya Taman Jimbaran, Kuta Seletan, Kabupaten Badung.
  • In Denpasar: Bali immigration office of Denpasar, Jalan D.I. Panjaitan No. 3, Kel. Dangin Puri Kelod, Kec. Denpasar Timur, Denpasar.
  • In Singaraja, on the North of the Island: Bali immigration office of Singaraja, Jalan Seririt Singaraja Pemaron Singaraja.

To consult the updated list of offices, you can check the website of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and click on the offices located in the ‘Provinsi Bali’.

Each person applying for a visa renewal must be present, even children.

The process takes around a week and costs IDR 500,000 per person, so around (€30.6).

Some rules must be respected at the immigration office: you must wear respectful clothing (shoulders and knees should be covered, no bikini, do not go barefoot or in flip-flops), do not drink, do not smoke, do not come with an animal and, finally, do not show signs of affection.

Overstaying your Indonesian visa

We strongly recommend you not to remain on the Indonesian territory after your visa or the visa exemption expires!

Any foreigner in this situation is subject to a IDR 1,000,000 fine per day (€61.3) during the first 60 days of overstaying your visa or the visa exemption. Beyond these 60 days, the traveller can be expelled from Indonesia and banned from further entry on the territory.

It is then highly recommended to be very careful on this point and to avoid, under any circumstances, non-authorised overstays.

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