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The budget in Bali heavily depends on your expectations and the way you like to travel. You will find below a few examples of the expenses for food, beverages, accommodation and transportation.

Please note : some amounts in this article may have been converted from local currency into USD. We always use the latest exchange rate available at reading time.
For the current conversion to Indonesian Rupiah from another currency, refer to the currency converter available in the Money section of our travel guide.

Some points of reference:

 IDR 10,000 = €0.6
 IDR 150,000 = €9.1
 IDR 300,000 = €18.3
 IDR 450,000 = €27.4

A few prices examples:

 1.5L water bottle (at the market): IDR 7,000 / €0.4
 0.33L water bottle (at the restaurant): IDR 5,000 / €0.3
 0.5L local beer (au restaurant): IDR 23,000 / €1.4
 0.33L Coca-Cola (at the restaurant): IDR 10,000 / €0.6
 A dish in an inexpensive restaurant: IDR 20,000 / €1.2.

It is possible to visit Bali with all kinds of budget, counting with a minimum of IDR 300,000 per day (€18.3, not including plane tickets) for the most thrifty travellers.

During high season (summer and end of the year), prices in Bali can increase by 50%, as visitors tend to flock to the island.
If you are on a tight budget, better consider the low season (from January to April and from October to November), especially as the island is quieter.

During the low season, it’s possible to bargain the prices of accommodation.


You will find all kind of accommodation and for all kind of budget: guesthouses, medium range hotels, luxury hotels…

The price of a double room can vary from around IDR 150,000 (€9.1) in a small guesthouse, up to IDR 4,500,000 (€273.9) a night in a luxury hotel.

No matter your choice nor the medium through which you make the booking, make sure to verify that taxes (21%, for service and government tax) are included in the price.

To learn more, consult the Accommodations section of our travel guide.

In order to help you to find the perfect ones, we gave many places a try. Find out our Top of Bali’s Best Hotels and/or our Top of Bali’s Budget Hotels. These selections contain both hotels and guest houses.


The budget allocated to transport in Bali will depend on the preferred mode of transportation and the distance covered: bemo (the cheapest option, a few thousand Rupiah), scooter rental (around IDR 75,000 / €4.6 per day), car rental with a private driver (the average price range is set to EUR 55-65 per day), taxi…

It will also depend on the number of persons travelling with you: the budget per person will differ if you travel alone, in pair, in a group of three, four or more. In particular when it comes to car rental with a private driver which price is set per car instead of being calculated by multiplying the number of participants.

In any case, if you travel as a group, always ask for a confirmation that the advertised price includes all the participants.

If you rent a scooter or a car (without driver), you will have to add to the amount a few thousands Rupiah to use the many, more or less official, car parks that are present everywhere.

Consult the Getting Around section of our travel guide, detailing the different means of transportation as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Visits /Activities / Excursions

The entrance fee for the temples generally costs a few thousand Rupiah. Sometimes, the entrance is free of charge although an offering might be suggested.

Finally, there are many activities and excursions to do in Bali, all kinds of styles for all kinds of prices. Therefore, do not forget to budget accordingly.

Feel free to have a look at our many activities to discover Bali in depth: Private Sightseeing Tours to visit Bali and exceptional Authentic Experiences to share with locals (fishing with Balinese people, hiking into ricefields on the way to the famous Sekumpul waterfalls, living the Balinese Purification in holy springs…).


Like for accommodation, the budget for food can vary significantly.
The price of a dish will be around IDR 20,000 (€1.2) in a warung, IDR 90,000 (€5.5) in a middle range restaurant and up to around IDR 600,000 (€36.5) in a gastronomic or very elegant restaurant.

Many places (warungs excluded) add taxes to price indicated on the menu. Their amount is usually specified and varies from 10 % up to 21 %.

To learn more, consult the Local Food And Drinks section of our travel guide.

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