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Local Food And Drinks

In Bali you will find Balinese specialties, Indonesian specialties and also a certain amount of occidental dishes. Let us take you through the local beverages and cuisine, as it is also part of the travel experience!

Balinese specialties

Rice is the main staple food in Bali. To accompany, you can try the following Balinese specialties:

The traditional Balinese "Babi Guling"
  • Urab: a delicious mix of finely chopped coconut, beans, wild spinach and Chinese cabbage, perfumed with spices and chilli peppers.
  • Ayam betutu: grilled stuffed chicken, served with vegetables, tapioca and coconut.
  • Bebek betutu: stuffed duck, slowly steamed cooked in a banana leaf. In some restaurants this dish requires to be ordered the previous day.
  • Babi guling: spit roasted suckling piglet. This is one of the most appreciated meals by the Balinese.

Indonesian specialties

In Bali, you will also find the following Indonesian specialties:

  • Nasi goreng: fried rice with eggs, chopped meat and vegetables, or even shrimps. You will find it everywhere in Bali.
  • Mie Goreng: fried noodles with eggs, chopped meat and vegetables, or even shrimps. It’s the noodle equivalent of the “Nasi goreng”.
  • Nasi campur: plain rice, salted vegetables, meat, peanuts and prawn crackers.
  • Satay Ayam: chicken skewers with a peanut sauce, served with plain rice.
Mie Goreng, an Indonesian specialty
Satay Ayam, an Indonesian specialty

Beverages in Bali

Fresh lemon juice

You will find a lot of freshly squeezed juices in Bali. The most singular one is probably the avocado juice mixed with chocolate. Love it or hate it!
Fruit juices are almost always served with ice. Beware of the water used to make the ice cubes. If you think they are homemade with non-mineral water, get quickly rid of them!

The beer that is most appreciated by locals and tourists in Bali is the blond Indonesian beer called "Bintang". The Bintang is also available in Radler version.
You will also generally find some Australian wines (good but expensive), and some Balinese wine at the restaurants.

Finally, do not leave Bali without trying the famous kopi luwak.
This is a coffee collected in the faeces of an Asian civet, the luwak, due to the almost total absence of digestion. The luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world and is essentially produced in Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Kopi Luwak, an absolute must-try!
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